16 February, 2014

The Fear

Sometimes I fear the unnecessary. Most of the time, it's almost impossible for me to stop feeling that way. The worst part about having it, is that even though I take a breather after every session of fear, I can feel myself being overwhelmed by the emotion itself even more.

How can this happen? Am I not strong enough to control my own emotion? Am I looking too hard into finding ways to overcome it, when the solution is staring at me in the face? Is it the emotion that makes me feel bad, or am I letting myself down?

09 February, 2014

An Old Note

People have been despising Miley Cyrus and said she looked like a dog when she stuck her tongue out, yet they thought they are free to make such statements of other people when they have just violated Miley's rights to do whatever she wants in however way she likes. I don't think anybody would like being hated or insulted for doing anything at all. Not only that, why bother referencing her actions of being "like a dog", as if dogs sticking out their tongues is bad and immoral and people think it's okay to start judging? Even if she wants to impersonate dogs, is there a need to insult and make fun of her? In reality, prejudicing the others is the illegal act of violating human rights, not sticking one's tongue out. If Miley sticks her tongue out, twerks and be sexual in public just to help her to get everyone's attention in the supposedly "wrong" ways, why wouldn't people prefer to guide Miley to the right way then, if her actions are "wrong"? Humans sure can be cruel any time, can't they.


I have a thought or question which I shared with a few people, but nobody seem to be able to give a wise answer or thought to make the problem which was committed by many, but unable to be made sensible by any, acceptable. People would just commit the deed without thinking, and knowing that God believers can commit it too, the extraterrestrials would be looking down at humans in disdain.

In case you are not me to know what am I talking about, the question is: Why would one criticise the other for being something or doing something, when he or she used to be the same thing or does the same thing?

I can't believe this. Day by day I lived, hoping that I can rectify things, aiding people in need of help or even just guiding people into doing something better for themselves, my efforts seem to perish ever so quickly by the vast burden, of which the burden is the amount of sins made by humans. Humans can be extremely gifted and smart in many ways, it also means that they can be troublesome in many ways.